5 Ways to Make Shareable Social Content

5 Ways to Make Shareable Social Content ¾

Social media has been a crowded playing field. Every business is trying to build their brands presence. No matter how great your content is, it could be hard to strike interest and get people sharing. Research has shown engagement on Facebook & Twitter to be 0.25% & 0.21%, which is really Jungle Scout review.

But there is still plenty you can do. Here are 5 ways to make your social content more shareable, if it be a blog post or landing page.

Pay attention to aesthetics

Nielsen Norman Group research found that just 16% of people read web copy word for word. The vast majority of us 79% read by scanning.

If you want your content to be readable & encourage people to share, make it easy for everyone to scan. Guiding readers through your contents with lots of helpful subheadings, bullet points, and short sentences will increase engagement.

If you are worried about creating aesthetically pleasing pages, I recommend working with some pre designed ones. You can take advantage of Sendlane’s landing page templates, for instance, to maximize readability.

Invest in quality images

The images you use are the most important elements of your content.  Articles with an image once every 75 to 100 words can get double the number of social shares than articles with fewer images. Use images that capture attention. Especially if you are targeting a platform such as Pinterest, make them informative! Pinterest is full of helpful infographics & how-to images:

You should install a plugin on your site that makes it easy for everyone to share your images (the article) on social media. WWM Social Share on Image Hover is a tool that can get this done for you.

Make the most of your real estate

Due to a New York Times Consumer Insight Group survey, 84% of people share on social media to tell others about a brand / cause they appreciate. Honestly, they might not read the content they decide to share.

That is why you should make the most of the information you can present in your article snippet on social media. Here is an example:

  • The text of your post
  • Your article headline
  • A featured image
  • The first few sentences of your article
  • Your site URL

Optimize those elements to the best of your ability to capture people’s attention & encourage them to share. Look at the headlines on sites like Buzzfeed / Upworthy for inspiration. They are good at creating snackable social content & building interest with their headlines.

Before you hit publish, test out how your content snippet can appear on social platforms. Is there any way you could tweak your headline, text or featured image to make it more appealing?

Eliminate barriers

Probably the greatest way to encourage everyone to share your content is by making it as easy as possible. Every landing page on your site could have prominent social buttons so sharing is just a click away.

There’re plenty of free or paid plugins that can help you set this up, like Shareaholic, for instance.

Most of them will also support some helpful social media analytics to help you keep track of your plans.

The more links you create between your landing pages & social profiles, the better. Include links in your business descriptions, posts, profile bio, etc. Always include call-to-actions to ask everyone to share as well.

Give it a boost

It could be hard these days to get achieve on social media, even with the best content. Luckily, FB, Twitter and other social platforms offer brands selections to help get extra reach.

These options are very affordable — you have complete control over your budget & can target very specific audiences with your “boosted” / “promoted” content.

And getting more eyes on your posts develops your chances of getting organic shares as well.

Twitter’s analytics platform will show you how many organic shares you get from a promoted tweet.