ADA LEADZ Review – UNIQUE App, Stunning CUSTOMIZABLE Website Audits, Solves a REAL Problem

ADA LEADZ Overview


An Extraordinary App That Allows You To Set-up Your Own ADA Agency That Focuses On Helping Businesses Avoid massive lawsuits.

Create ADA Web site Audits & charge for them directly OR use them as ‘Foot In The Door’ strategy to get more leads and clients.

This is great for Agencies, Local Marketers and Internet Marketers.

Get Access To ADA Leadz Secret ADA Compliance Technology
Win Over Clients Across The World
Generate and Download Professional Print-On-Demand PDF Audits and Reports
Utilize the E-mail Marketing Technology With Ready To Use Swipes

..and a lot more!

ADA Leadz Review: Complete Features Break Down

Here I’ll explain all the Important features of Ada Leadz and how it can be helpful for you.

=>Beginners Friendly Dashboard:

Ada Leadz Is really a quite simple to use tool, It’s dashboard is quite newbies friendly and anyone can use it very effectively.

=>ADA Lead Generation, Website Audit and Business Search Feature:

Find leads & Businesses that aren’t yet ADA Compliant and Create A Beautiful Web site Audit. Just enter a keyword and select a location.


Prospects page contains all your prospects collected using our ADA Lead Generation System. You can manage leads, create reports, contact prospects directly and far more.

=>Professional Audits and Reports:

Create Highly Optimized ADA Compliance Reports and Web site Audits. Get Clients To Hire You Almost Instantly or Charge for a Web site Audit Directly.

=>ADA Widget Upgrade:

One Upgrade is a DFY ADA Widget, enabling you to Optimizes your site for ADA Compliance immediately.

=>SEO Audits, Web site Performance and Team Collaboration:

You Team Members Can Collaborate and help your agency grow. We also have SEO Audits, Web site Performance Audits and Additional Services marketers can offer to their clients and a lot more!

=>No Technical Skill Required:

To Use Ada leadz you do not need any kind of technical skill, it’s quite user friendly and completely a drag and drop tool.

=>30 Days Money-back Guarantee:

Yes! you have Thirty days money-back guarantee, so that you do not need to worry about your money that you Invest In this tool, This tool is hosted by one of the top vendor of Jvzoo.

Who Should Buy It?

As I describe above, Ada Leadz Is completely new to the marketplace and It will help you In start your own Ada lead Generation business.

So It’s specifically designed for marketers and Agency owner.

Still here I’ll list out some of the top professionals who must need to go for Ada Leadz.

->Online Marketers/ Local Marketers/ Affiliate Marketers.

->Restaurants & Hotel owners.

->Any kind of local shopes.

->Bloggers & Webmasters.

->Self-Employed or Professionals.

->E-Com Business Owner.

->Agency Owner & Freelancer.

Above are some of the Professionals who must be looking for this kind of real problem solving solution that helps both service provider and customer.

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