ADS SNIPER Review — Replicate the Finest Facebook Ad Campaigns for Yourself

Meta: Taking advantages of the new Facebook policies, ADS SNIPER provides an innovative solution to spy on top marketers and find the blueprints of their advertising campaigns.


Only a couple of weeks before, on 28th June to be exact, Facebook announces a new policy called Ads Transparency. If you have not heard of it, you’re not the only one. Most marketers or vendors I know have not get this critical news yet, but what exactly is it and how it can affect your marketing career?

In short, Facebook wants to stop people from using their ads to market propaganda, troubling or violent contents. Therefore, they allow every user to see any active ads on the community, even if they do not appear on the news feed. Now, you can get data about the advertisers and underlying pages running across Facebook partner networks, including Instagram and Messenger.

This opens lots of opportunities for entrepreneurs. Instead of struggling with unsuccessful, losing promotional campaigns, you can copy the entire funnels from marketing leaders or top companies. Even better, there is a specialized application called ADS SNIPER made to exploit this particular rule. Let see how you can start bringing traffic, leads, and money with it.

Vendor Precious Ngwu
Launch Date 2018-Jul-30
Launch Time 11:00 EDT

Refund 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Niche Software
Support Effective Response
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Skill Level Needed All Levels


ADS SNIPER is an advanced spy application for a wide range of users. Affiliate marketers, online sellers, product founders, teachers, local businesses, etc. can all use this application to receive targeted traffic to their own goods or services.

The software helps the users to find the most prosperous FB ads campaigns in their niches. Then, it goes to the social networks to extract the whole funnel from that advertiser. The users can copy the proven ad copies, sales offers, and landing pages to utilize on your campaigns.

About the Author

In recent decades, Precious Ngwu has amazed many entrepreneurs with his creative products like FB Infiltrator, Authority Engage, Storeless, and many other. Using his skills and expertise he got while getting a 7-figure digital marketer, he’s helped several beginners to construct their marketing careers in a brief time.
What Are the Characteristics of ADS SNIPER?
FB Spy Tools

ADS SNIPER is your first software to take advantage from FB Ads Transparency. It helps the users to find out the best ads campaigns on this social networking and replicate the detailed funnels for them to use.
Fully Compliance and Up-to-date

Most available spy tools on the market haven’t received updates to match new FB policies. A number of them even attempt illegal methods that can make your accounts and advertisers prohibited. When using ADS SNIPER, you are fully protected because this program fully complies with FB changes and terms.
Real-time Data

Not only you can see the most converting, traffic-hogging ads on Facebook, you may also see how they are performing in real time. Therefore, you get a better understanding of them so that you can copy their success more efficiently. For instance, you can watch the period where the customers click on the ads the most or their geographical locations.
Earn Money with FB Traffic

Facebook and its partners like Instagram form the biggest social network on earth. With ADS SNIPER, you can tap into the infinite traffic of many billion users. Moreover, you can copy the way marketing leaders are driving traffic for their businesses in real time
Work with Any Niches

No matter which kinds of businesses you’re in, you will understand how to create the best, most converting ads, offers, landing pages, and sales funnels by spying on the successful campaigns.

Available Options

Upsell 1 ($69 — $99): ADS SNIPER Growth
Upsell two ($297): Bulletproofed Update
Upsell 3 ($297): Ads Monitor

Why Can ADS SNIPER Improve Your Career?

It Gets FB Advertising Campaigns in the Absolute Best

A lot of marketers have lost money when running Facebook ads. It is challenging to make your ads convert, as you must understand how the market operates and what your clients think. The only way to do that is through trials and errors, which might cost tremendous time and money.

Few people can afford that, and fewer exploit what they have learnt properly to become marketing leaders. But, ADS SNIPER allows newbies to have a shortcut by copying the way those top marketers create and run their own ads. On top of that, you can spy on them 24/7 and fix your businesses so.

It Can Satisfy a Broad Range of Users

You can always find targeted clients from FB, as it has several billion of regular users. If you’re a local business, or a drop-shipping e-commerce vendor, or an online instructor, or an affiliate marketer, ADS SNIPER is the tool to get what you want.

Pros and Cons


A brand-new application that matches FB policies
Get data from market-leading campaigns
Copy the entire funnels, including the opt-in and landing pages
Safe and compliant with FB rules
Drive organic traffic
See how your competitors are performing in real time


No significant weakness


These modifications can open entirely new possibilities for online marketing, and you have to quickly make the most of them so you can find the incomes and standing of that you have dreamed.

ADS SNIPER is your innovative tool for you to make world-class FB ads right now. With the designs from the best advertises, marketing campaigners, and e-commerce vendors, you can get the exact results even if you are just a beginner, or you’ve failed multiple time. Just try it and you’ll see the difference. Moreover, there is nothing to worry as you can always get a refund within 30 days. Let grab the chance to renovate your businesses.