Best practices for email deliverability

After over 10 years of sending billions of emails on behalf of our clients, we’ve heard a lot about the importance of email
marketing and what goes into a successful email marketing strategy. The Email Marketing Toolkit was created to provide you with
everything you want to conduct an effective email marketing campaign from start to finish.
Define your objectives, understand your audience, and pick the right software to provide your email marketing purpose and
Learn the copywriting, design and deliverability strategies that will not only get your emails to the inbox, but grab your
audience’s attention as soon as they arrive.
Polish and improve your campaigns as you go by organizing, testing and optimizing over time.

WHATS INCLUDED The Email Marketing Toolkit

You will have everything you want to run an effective email marketing campaign from start to finish.

Tips for choosing the right email service provider for Your Company

Best practices for email deliverability

Copy and design strategies for composing persuasive emails that convert
A list of 13 valuable emails to add to your marketing funnels
Organization, testing and optimization strategies and strategies for polishing and improving your campaigns as you go
Specific steps for planning and executing an email advertising / promotional calendar
5 basic email stats that you should always be monitoring
How to Keep a clean list with Time

In order to create a successful email marketing campaign, it is vital to know the tricks of the trade. Getting people to notice
your emails, open your emails, click on the stuff on your mails, and respond to your emails is tricky.

Don’t run another email advertising campaign without this treasure trove of valuable email marketing best practices.

The Email Marketing Toolkit was designed to set you up for email marketing success by providing you with proven strategies, best
practices and strategies for every stage of your email marketing campaigns. To get your copy right away, just click on the button
below to start your purchase. Once it’s finished, we’ll deliver your toolkit instantly to your email inbox. Save it offline to
find out about marketing campaigns anywhere, anytime, and keep it as a source which you can reference to answer your advertising
campaign queries or even train your team members.


Isn’t email advertising on its way out?

Although there are constantly new communication platforms entering the marketplace, email marketing has survived the test of time
and remains the most effective way to reach your clients. In fact, many clients prefer to be reached via email over any other

If I send an email to my list, they will all have it in their inbox immediately, right?

Not necessarily. There is an art and science to email deliverability that truly involves many moving pieces. All it takes is just
one iffy word or design element that triggers a spam filter, or emailing from a shared IP with a poor reputation, for your mails
to end up in the spam folder.

For more than 10 years, we’ve had the privilege of delivering emails on behalf of our clients and tracking what works and does not
work when it comes to email marketing. These are some of our best tips and strategies we’ve learned through the years.

What if I’m still not ready to perform email marketing after studying this toolkit?

We’re confident that you’ll get the value of what you learn from this manual to far surpass the $7 you will spend on it, and we’re
willing to back that up with a money-back guarantee. If you obtain this toolkit, read through it, and determine that this
information was not sufficient to set you up for conducting successful email marketing campaigns, let us know and we will
instantly refund your $7. In actuality, we’ll give you seven days to read the toolkit before we charge your card in the first