Designrr Review – Instant e-books Technology

Among the most useful lead magnets for internet marketers is giving e-books.

e-books became a great marketing channel for business.

Creating e-books is considered laborious and expensive until Designrr existed.

Learn about Designrr and the way an internet marketer like you can benefit from this app.

Introduction about Designrr

e-book nowadays serves as a lead magnet. This is what you offer to your site visitors to get their e-mails. Once the visitor subscribes, you will get a new lead while your new subscriber gets a free eBook or buy your product. Hence, you get new potential customers.

Designrr is a powerful technology if you are opting to create an e-book and also brand your business. It solves every problem that marketers encounter when creating an e-book. e-books are now part of a business online marketing strategy. Through Designrr, marketers get more sales and also customer engagement. There aren’t any technical skills necessary because, at Designrr, marketers become the writer, founder, and designer. You can call it an instant e-book maker if you wish so. This tool is made by Paul Clifford, an admirable marketer & software builder.

This software is currently being used by more than 54 000 internet marketers, bloggers, and content or course creators. Registering on this software is removing the two biggest hurdles in e-book creation, and these are writing the content and getting it designed.

How Does Designrr Works?

The three things below are the major things that Designrr does for you:

Import a Content and begin from a scratch

This software works with any editor and also website. As a user, you need to simply input the URL to start a new project. The software will load the contents while ignoring the navigation, sharing buttons, icons, and advertisements because you do not want them in your e-book. If you are going to start from scratch, just click the New Draft.

Select Template

There are more than One hundred templates available for the project. You can customize the template if you like to by changing the fonts, styles, and pictures. Also, replace the cover image with whatever you prefer. You can either select single or two-column designs.

Customize & Publish the eBook

The best thing about the tool is the customization. You can edit, adjust, and also tailor your book to fit the brand. You can add images, change styles, modify headers & footers, edit the cover, and add a call to action statement.

In just a click, you can have your e-book published. The pdf file is also stored in your Designrr account to access it & down load it to your computer.

Cost of Designrr

The pricing plans of this tool are lifetime Deal & Premium Plan. The Lifetime Deal costs $27 for lifetime access, which generally costs $324 yearly. Having its price, it’s totally a bargain because it’s too low. With this little bit, you will save yourself from the laborious task and complications. It’s a low entry fee, so nothing I could be grateful for as a marketer. The software works with both for MAC and Windows, and there is a 30-day money-back if you are not satisfied.

Advantages of Designrr

  • Considered to be an efficient and also quick eBook maker
  • It is flexible to use
  • Since it’s cloud-based, no installation process required
  • Templates are optimized
  • There is a video transcription feature
  • Easily import contents from social media and other files.

Power Features of Designrr

Complete Control: Using this software provides you with complete control. You can customize your e-books and change anything instantly. You can modify the background colors, styles, fonts, and pictures. You can also edit the text if you want to.

Facebook Import: You can make an e-book out of your social media posts, including photos. Just import your Facebook profile or a page.

Image Library with No Copyright: You can search for pictures from the stunning images from Pixabay and also Unsplash. You can add pictures anyplace your articles and use, such as a cover image.

Image Editor: You can modify the image – crop or resize, and so on. There’s an image editor built on the platform. You do not have to look for any external photo editing tool.

Table of Content and also Page Numbering: It just takes a click, and the software will automatically create a table of content, page number, header, and footer for the e-books. The page numbers can be customized by setting a specific color.

Additional Blog Post or Page: You’re free to import other content any place in the eBook you are making. Just pick the source of the content and just click, and voila, you have it there!

Project Draft Editor: There’s a simple editor for authors. There aren’t any distractions nor complications when designs aren’t yet needed.