FlickGraph Review

flickgraph review

FlickGraph Review – Are you missing those 2 things to go viral?

FlickGraph Review – There are two critical elements, without which your content can not go viral.

It’s grabbing attention, so people will actually pay attention to your post, & cool content to share.

It’s easier said than done but now there is new viral stuff, which is exploding on fb & other social media.

It’s living photos called cinemagraphs, which command attention by contrast between moving & static parts of an image.

Also they’re super cool right now, which makes them the thing people want to share.

FB in an official post reported that 48% of content people see is from shares.

It means that almost half of FB content would have never been see at all if it’s not for the act of sharing.flickgraph review

So with cinemagraphs you can tap to that 48% of FB traffic you previously didn’t have access too.

However, until now there was a huge problem. It could take days to make just 1 cinemagraph plus it used to require high level of photoshop skills.

The new FlickGraph tool, which was just relaunched, enable you to make cinemagraph in under five minutes, and it’s so simple to use that it requires zero skills.

Here is the actual instruction I saw on training page: Load video clip, chose start/end with slider, select still frame, click on photo camera to make screenshot, and then erase where you want motion.

Watch the FlickGraph software demo now

PS. You can get it with time price only during product release so make sure to grab it before it turns to subscription like other products from the same team.

PSS. The viral power of cinemagraphs doesn’t stop with fb, you can share them on almost all social network there are.

Watch the FlickGraph tool demo now