GrabVid Review – Translate, Add Captions and Snatch Royalty-Free Content From YouTube For Fast Video Creation

Introduction: GrabVid

Leverage royalty-free content from YouTube for fast video creation Billions of hours of video content for you to tap in

If you’re a marketer, an entrepreneur, or a business owner on-line chances are that you want to generate more and more leads & sales.

Personally, I look for that all the time.

I’m attending a free call in a couple of days to learn more about that from one-of-the-best in the online industry.

With over Three hundred hours of video uploaded every minute, YouTube is the best FREE content source for internet marketers.

And on this call, you will learn:

How to snatch royalty-free content from YouTube for fast video creation
How to help businesses sell Around The Globe and make bank
How you can get paid for re-creating any pre-existing video in just minutes

GrabVid Overview

What Is GrabVid?

  • Brand-New Advanced Technology Provides
  • Limitless, Unique Video Content Within A Few Minutes
  • Incredibly Easy To Use Even For Newbies
  • Low Introductory One-Time Price
  • 1-Click Transcribe, Add Voice Over (In Any Language) To Help Businesses Scale Internationally
  • Create and sell engaging Sales Videos, Video Sales Letters, Animated Videos, Explainer Videos, Fb Marketing Videos, Video Ads and a lot more…
  • Fully Hosted and Managed On The Cloud. No Down load Or Configuration Needed!

Grabvid Features

  • Accepts Both Videos and YouTube Videos – Pick a video from your pc or put in any YouTube video.
  • Automatic Transcribing – GrabVid transcribes your uploaded or picked video within a few minutes (you can modify this and change anything you want).
  • Automatic Translation – Convert the transcript into any available language, in a matter of seconds (again, you’ve total control and can change anything).
  • Overlay Subtitles – Turn your translated text into subtitles. Modify colors, background to make a high-impact visual.
  • Auto-Caption Creation – GrabVid automatically extracts the audio from your video clips, transcribes them & converts them into auto-captions using Artificial Intelligence.
  • Auto-Caption Placement – Convert your video into different language audio.
  • Rich Customization Of Each Video – Add text, change font color and size, add background images & videos, customize everything and anything with point-n-click simplicity.
  • Your Own Video & Image Stock Library – Get access to 1000s of dollars worth of premium stock images & stock videos to use in your videos.
  • DFY Templates To Select From – Just pick-n-use any of the pre-loaded DFY templates already created in the hottest local and online niches.
  • 1-Click Upload To Fb, Twitter & LinkedIn – Easily share your videos with the world and also instantly go viral.
  • Create Square Videos For Fb – While exporting your final video, choose to convert the video into a 1:1 square video for your Fb.
  • Multilingual Voiceover (In Male and Female Voices) – Save thousands of dollars & countless hours chasing expensive voice-over artists (You even control the tone & pitch of the voice-over).
  • Attention-Grabbing Animations That Bring Your Videos To Life – Add emotion, energy & excitement with smart animated features you can add to your videos with just a drag & a drop.
  • Beautiful Blends – With a whole artist’s pallet of blending effects, you will be able to add cinematic-style effects in just a few clicks.
  • Fabulous Fades – Fades add an extra level of professionalism to your video clips. You can also fade your audio seamlessly in and out too. Make your videos look and also sound fantastic.
  • Opacity – Control the opacity of your video clips to create stunning effects, make your text, personalized elements and also animations pop.
  • Cloud Based – GrabVid is a 100% cloud-based app. There’s nothing to down load or install or configure.
  • 100% White-hat And also Approved Software – GrabVid has 100% white-hat video translation and also auto-caption creation features and in no way violates any TOS, making sure your accounts are fully safe.
  • And a lot more…

Here’s what GrabVid will help you do:

[+] Crank out killer social videos within a few minutes by turning expert content into powerful, useful Fb, LinkedIn and also Twitter video posts that people can not ignore and want to share.

[+] Dominate the search engines by flooding your channel with fresh daily video content that people love & send endless free traffic to your business day after day.

[+] Build your list at breakneck speed by creating awesome explainer videos & exploding your opt-in rate!

[+] Build instant authority in any niche by creating highly-engaging & proven-to-convert, best-selling courses and other training products.

[+] Legally hijack and also repurpose proven content and eliminate the guesswork. See which video is already popular in your niche and also convert it into your own unique version within a few minutes.

[+] Release a money- making agency that produces expert video content for customers in record speed, getting paid hundreds each hour for just minutes of your time.

[+] Save endless hours and 1000s of dollars by NOT HAVING TO hire researchers, writers, editors, designers, videographers, and spending 100’s of dollars to create a single video.

[+] Commercial License included during the release

[+] Newbie-Friendly – Created With Part-Timers In Mind

[+] Implement immediately from your new “home office” (kitchen table!)

No need to burn money creating fresh video content from scratch every time.

[GrabVid] Your questions answered

We’ve been receiving a few questions on our support desk about GrabVid!
It is no surprise as hundreds of people grabbed this first-to-market technology within HOURS of launch. There’s some incredible value packed into this offer and you get every thing for a low ONE-TIME price!
In this email I wanted to address some of the most common questions we’ve been getting.

Your Questions Answered:

How Many Videos Can I Create/Repurpose?
Depending on the plan you select – you can make 100 or 600 minutes of video each month for yourself or sell to your customers. If you want more (limitless timeframe), it’s available as part of the upgrade. Which is also priced at a one-time price.

Does it Work for Pc and mac?
GrabVid is fully cloud-based so it works on any system at any time.

Can I Sell the Videos I Create?
Yes, when you’ve the Commercial License plan – you’re free to sell your videos for any price and keep all the profit.

Are these Videos Branded?
Nope! Every single video you make will be completely unbranded. Meaning when you publish or sell your videos they’ll play without any GrabVid branding or watermarking, preserving your own brand.

Is There Any Training?
Your success is important to us. So, to ensure that you get off to a flying start… We’ve included all the training you’re going to need to help you get up and running creating, selling and getting results from your videos faster. Plus, the bonus webinar focuses on helping you navigate the video marketing landscape.

Do I Need Any Experience Or Tech Skills?
None at all. We’ve designed GrabVid to be 100% newbie-friendly.

Is The Price Recurring?
When you’ll see this app, you’ll realize how powerful it’s. So a recurring price makes sense. But if you purchase this today, you’ll only pay a one-time price, and you’ll be grandfathered in forever. However, due to the on-going costs of developing, running and also evolving a quality long-term software like this, we simply can’t offer this option forever.

And Get VIP Bonus Now