How I Can Use Ecom Hunt?



Updated: It’s time for an update, I hereby present Ecom Hunt Review 2.0, as it’s been 6 months since I wrote my initial review, and the app/platform was quite young then, I thought I would take a second look at EcomHunt and see what had changed, if anything.

And boy, things have changed.

One of the many problems when it comes to DropShipping is trying to find hot products or the latest fad that may potentially make you extra money, without needing to go looking for it.

One of these services is the principal alternative to DropShip Spy (you can read it’s review here), known as EcomHunt and I am here to review it!

I will also take you through what Ecom Hunt provides, and how they function, basically showing you the back-end and some of their features.How I Can Use Ecom Hunt?

What’s EcomHunt?

In their own words, they’re;

A curation of the finest new products, everyday.
That is quite a bold statement to provide folks!

At the core of their business, they are a sourcing and marketing firm.

They find hot products which are selling online, through watching large social media accounts, or finding products that are trending on AliExpress and then providing those on’fire goodies’ to DropShippers.

So, What Are The Finest New Products?
This is one of the large attractions for companies like Ecom Hunt, they are products that they see as doing very well at this moment in time, and could potentially earn your money.

The new products are given for their paying members, with them being opened up to their free members after a few days. Giving their paying members a little edge (more on that later)For every product found on EcomHunt you’re given;

For each product found on EcomHunt you’re given;

  • Product Pictures
  • Product Description
  • Import Straight to Shopify Choice (New!)

Right, lets look at each part in a little more detail.


Pretty much as it says on the tin to be honest.

You’re given a lot of different product images (not just the standard one) so you can use them for your product list, or even within your advert if you so choose.

You are then also giving a normal product description, that you can use within advertisements or as your shop description.


A new one for me, this didn’t exist when I first did this review, so I was very excited about this when I found it.

This feature lets you directly pick up the product from AliExpress, somewhat like Oberlo does inside Shopify. Simply add your store URL to the box, sign in and begin on the import.

Add your shop URL to the box, sign in and begin on the import.

Pretty simple and easy to be honest and saves a bit of time having to go to AliExpress and catch it, or finding the product ID and importing it through Oberlo.

Expenses & ANALYTICS

The next few all sit together really, and they provide you with the data you need to decide if this is the product that you want in your shop.

The profit and costs, do exactly as they say. They find the average selling price, or recommended selling price for the item, then they find the cost (from one of the suppliers they provide) and then offer you the profit margin for this.

Obviously, this doesn’t take into consideration any costs related to advertising, but at least it gives you a baseline to work with.

If you know you are profiting at least $16 from an item, then you have $1 – $10 per client acquisition to invest (if you still need some profit and sales). EcomHunt does give you a rough estimate on the CPA, so again you can at least aim for those numbers.

Finally, a few more bits of data for you to use.

Mainly where the item is out of, how many present orders, the number of reviews and the average score for it. If it’s low orders, or really low reviews, then it may be worth skipping!

You’re also given the present engagement on Facebook as well, though this is a little more handy for the Facebook advertisements section, as you can use this together with advertisements to see how yours is performing (has it gone viral or not)


The saturation graph is another new addition to Ecom Hunt, and it gives you a quick, simple to see stat on how many other stores are currently selling that product, though I don’t know if that means Ecom Hunt member shops, or everyone using AliExpress (I’d assume the first).


A little, but still useful section.

A section that is small, but still helpful.

The Links box will provide you links to providers and Facebook adverts, as well as advert videos.

If there are multiple providers, it will also offer you numerous different supplier links.


This section offers you information about Facebook ads that are already running. This includes links to shops with Facebook ads, the movie that stores are using (sometimes a few videos) as as well as some advertising information (ad copy, catchy names etc)

This section is brilliant if you are completely out of ideas for ad copy, or you don’t have a video accessible!


Much like other platforms, Ecom Hunt provides you with advertising & targeting ideas.

They supply you with quite broad targeting thoughts, usually a nation, an age range and a rough idea about what interests to target, or the audience who might react well to your advertising.

It is massively useful as a guide, especially if you are not used too using Facebook adverts.


EcomHunt does attempt to offer you a few meaningful product copy to improve your website.

This is helpful because a lot of the copy you get from manufacturers etc makes very little sense.

The last thing you get given on the product page is one or two illustrations of Facebook videos that look to be doing well.

Again, much like the advert targeting, this is let down slightly, as you want to find your own way of downloading this video, if you would like to use it.

Some having apps such as FBVideoDownload or similar is vital to be able to use them.

I would reconmend trying to create your own ones, for originality.


Finally, after all that you AliExpress Reviews from real buyers. As with DropShip Spy, for me, this was not quite as useful, as I did not need to download the testimonials and upload them to Shopify. I took out that strain by using a program called AliReviews. You just add the link and they do the rest, magic.
That is where I believe EcomHunt really starts to glow, the extras and extensions that you get from being a part of the Ecom Hunt club.


This small ingenious Chrome Extension, is a life saver. It lets you find, analysis and use real competitors Facebook adverts, offering you traffic numbers, how longs its been running, what nations have struck that advertising and a few more useful bits of data!

The plugin is free, but I think it takes you to have an active EcomHunt account.


As you might have guessed, the person running EcomHunt is a bit of a geek, possibly even a mad scientist! Whoever it is, they prefer to create apps and extensions.

One of those sections permits you to discover and install extensions for your Shopify store. Now, if you are using Themes like EcomTurbo, then you do not really need these plugins. But if you’re just running standard themes, or one of the others that you may find on our Top 5 Shopify Themes, then there is an opportunity you would be interested.

I believe that Hopify was actually made by the same man, and I have to admit I do like using it on one of my stores, so it’s worth checking that one out at least!


One thing that I think gets overlooked with a lot of these services, is how little their prospective users might know.

Many of their users normally have just started DropShipping, or haven’t found their own ways of finding those killer products (for instance Salehoo).

Therefore, having a training section filled with webinars and tutorials to assist is brilliant.

Now the vast majority of them are locked for Pro Members only, but people sell similar courses or webinars for a few hundred $/so getting it as part of your membership in addition to the rest, pretty good deal.


Another new addition to the Ecom Hunt portfolio, was the Ecom Hunt University.

The training is free to sign up too, and provides you with videos and information about how best to build a DropShipping enterprise.

It will also teaches you a little about how to use ecom funnels (You can grab a pre built funnel in anticipation if you want from here > Ecom Funnel)


Ecom Hunt provide 2 levels of membership (now ).

The free membership allows you to see older products with VERY limited data. You can then choose 2 products every day to unlock more information (gains, analytics and participation )

To access the full assortment of data and tutorials, you will need to have the pro account.


As with all the articles on this site, I love to keep a balanced view. As such, I do feel there are some downsides to these services as EcomHunt, in addition to their opponents like DropShip Spy.

But, they are minimal.

My main’problem’ with EcomHunt is I feel that the data you are given, is some what lacking at times.

But who seriously has that these days.

My closing small difficulty, is that a whole lot of the products found are rather generic,, or do not seem to be huge winners, I’ve used the website for some time, and I have only found or used a handful of the products that they have provided, but I ran quite specific markets and I discovered that finding my own winning product was much better.

So, there you have it that the EcomHunt review and feature walk-through, enjoy! If you are looking for another tool that will help you find products that are winning, and winning providers, have a look at our Salehoo review or have a look at the DropShip Spy review to see what their competitors are up too!