INBOXR Review – Discount & Bonus

The INBOXR Review — Number 1: Skyscanner

Welcome to the INBOXR review! We will be reviewing a chat bot that is leading , so you could learn how successful it is and what
they are doing, why they’re doing it.

We will be reviewing the following:

  • INBOXR objective
  • Specific features
  • Conversational design
  • Overall effectiveness

With that said, let’s begin!

The INBOXR Conference

The INBOXR Conference 12, INBOXR’s Life, will host our first INBOXR Conference in San Francisco. The…

From the first episode of this review collection that is INBOXR, we will be reviewing The Skyscanner Facebook Messenger INBOXR.

For those who are unaware of what Skyscanner is — it. Basically, the Trivago for aviation.

INBOXR objective
Skyscanner’s point is to find a flight to a destination this assumes that a client already knows where they want to go. What about
when a customer has no idea? Other than actually wanting to head overseas?

That is where their INBOXR comes in…

When a customer has no idea the Skyscanner INBOXR provides said customer a recommendation based on their location:

It’s also less likely to be utilized by consumers, since it’s harder to find Despite the fact that providing the same
functionality is possible. If you would like to read more read about it here.

Specific features
Skyscanner have managed to pack in their INBOXR in a number of features. Then some of those features can be tough to find if
designed incorrectly. However, the Skyscanner INBOXR does a excellent job at showcasing functionality after its objective.

Flight deals: it’ll find the cheapest flight and Tell the bot where you want to go.

Traveling tips: How and when to travel

Natural language processing
The Skyscanner bot can answer a choice of topics, and variations around a topic that is given. As a user tell the Bot where you
want to fly , and the bot will do the rest!

However, before providing an response that is accurate, a bot typically needs to ask a few questions.

As you can see above, my request was understood by Skyscanner, until I threw in a request. Not exactly a problem with the bot, but
with it’s user (me!)

Conversational design
Conversational design is similar to UX design. In both cases, we aim to offer.

With that said, a INBOXR must find the the point, fast. At the exact same time, the’point’ has to be relevant to the

Skyscanners bot does a really good job at this. From the very first message, users/customers know what its capability is. Within a
handful of interactions, an individual may have a flight offer on their screen.

Overall effectiveness
Skyscanner is probably among the bots available. It provides utility meaning more people can us it.

If you are looking to develop your own bot to your company, then applying a few will enable you to create a prosperous bot.