Intelligynce Review – Is It The Best Shopify Product Research Tool?

Are you keen on selecting the best tool which permits the users to have a close look on around 300,000 Shopify product across the world? If yes, then it makes a lot of sense to go through this review.

We’ll be talking about Inelligynce which according to many users. This also will enable you to spy over One million products. It also helps you to find the best products that are fast-selling and very much in demand. The products are also considered to be proven winners.

This review will try and have a review of this tool solution. There are many such Shopify product research tools and therefore, it would be a good idea to know whether this particular product could be the best in the marketplace.

What Makes Inelligynce So Very Special

There have been many reviews of Shopify tools and they’ve reviewed and had a close look at many winning product websites. A lot of the products reviewed come with a bill every month attached to it.

However, those who have reviewed this particular tool, have a few things different to say about it. Intelligynce is different because it comes with a one-time fee and it also offers a tool and it comes as a bonus.

This package is known by the name Ali Inspector. This is a unique package because it implements and also merges well with the tool of Shopify. You’ll simply be able to identify supplier for various products. Additionally you will be able to integrate them with the store almost instantly.

Cost and Other Details

The cost of buying this tool is around $197 when you opt for the one time offer. Usually, you’ll have to pay a regular monthly fee of $29 or $99 as yearly fee.

Further, it also needs to be understood that are no downsells or upsells with the package. Though the product has been around some time now, it’s doubtful whether if anyone has opted for the monthly or annually subscription. Hence, there are reasons to believe that almost the entire purchase happens through the one-time investment.

A Look At The Inelligynce

Those who’re keen on knowing more about the product would have gone through the sales page. This will help the readers to have a reasonably great idea about the features of the product.

It would be a better idea to look into some other important features instead of copying and also pasting whatever is available on the sale page.

The review below is an attempt to make sure that apart from being different it’s also 100% accurate and is the latest as far as the year 2019 is concerned.

We also need to understand that there’s an Intelligynce platinum version and this also is extremely popular. It has 4 tools and they’re as follows:

Store Inspector
Ali Inspector
Chrome extension

A PDF document also comes with the pack. This explains how to begin in the eCom journey. This certainly is an interesting bonus which comes for free when you decide to sign up for this product.

The good thing about this tool product is that it’s hosted online. It is user-friendly and once you get logged in you’re ready to start working on it.

Overview Of Intelligynce

There are a few things that catch the attention of the users when they first log in to the account. First and foremost, the entire app has been excellently laid out. It shouldn’t much of a time to find out the obvious.

The data that’s available has been used from a company known as This is the data that crawls every Shopify store.

It’s then possible to sort the data using a large collection of tools and also filters. You won’t find it hard to use the Fb pixel.

This can be easily link to the respective Facebook page and also with other profiles that are available on social media.

It also has the facility of displaying the best sellers apart from providing other valuable information such as daily visitors who are using Quantcast and also Alexa API.

It also enables you to search by product, store, or virtually anything. It would be pertinent to mention here that there are around One million such products and new ones are being added on a continuous & constant basis.

Hence, there isn’t any denying the truth that it continues to be a big and huge collections of Shopify that’s available. However, there are some things that we need to bear in mind.

This is basically a research tool for niche and items. If you are searching for more information such as e-mail addresses of Shopify, phone numbers and also store details, you won’t be able to get it.

Review of Ali Inspector

When you decide to purchase the package with platinum features of Intelligynce you’ll get Ali Inspector tool. This comes on top and it’s a freebie.

This tool enables the users to quickly analyze the various best selling products on AliExpress when a particular category is chosen. It’ll be able to list down the products that sell well that can come in handy for own use.

It also enables you to use keywords tool and get a hold of a lot of keywords.

These can be used either on your own store or they can be used to find various items that are related to the various longer or smaller keywords.

It’s akin to having a mini keyword tool that resides within the application.

Direct Down load

Aliexpress products also offer you the facility of direct down load to the pc with the help of a single click. This gives detailed information about the product with image and also description in HTML format.

The same will be available on your pc and this can be seen on it and can be accessed as and when you want. These also can also be directly uploaded to either woocommerce or Shopify store if you need it.

It’s also possible to down load the best keyword date and best seller data. These can be converted in to .zip files and it shouldn’t take more than a few seconds.

Finally, there’s one more feature as far as Aliexpress is concerned. This feature enables reviews of Airexpress and these again can be submitted to your store. It could also give a opportunity to fake reviews if someone wishes to do so, though it isn’t advisable.

However, there could be reasons to edit the reviews because most of the Aliexpress reviews are of poor English. Thus, manually editing the reviews isn’t a bad option.

However, there’s a negative as far as Ali Inspector tool is concerned. It needs to be manually installed on the pc. But it does work quite well on Windows and mac but there are lots of customers who feel that it’d have been a good idea if it was web-based.


Summing up, it is quite obvious that this is a very powerful package and also comes to the end users at a good price. There’s no need to pay fees each month and also yearly renewals are also not necessary.

It enables the users to get the right reach to four quality tools at a reasonable bundled price. If you’ve had a plan to purchase the various services such as Samrush, Ahrefs individually or even a Long Tail Pro keyword tool, it makes sense to go in for the Intelligynce Platinum.

This will work out less expensive than buying all the above individually. Those who have used the Shopify tools find it to be the favorite tools as of now.

It also comes with Thirty day test-drive feature to ensure that it’s suitable. Should you feel that it’s not for you, and the full money will be refunded.

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