Invanto — Platform of connected Programs to help entrepreneurs Develop their business

Invanto — Platform of connected Programs to help entrepreneurs Develop their business

Platform of connected programs to help entrepreneurs grow their business.

So, you’re starting a business.

You’ll probably want to create a website first.

Then you’ll want to begin collecting and sending emails. So you incorporate Mailchimp.

When you are finally ready to begin selling your product, in order to add Infusionsoft into the mix.

That’s where Invanto comes in.

Invanto is a constantly evolving small business platform of pre-integrated smart programs that enable you to build beautiful sites and create, market, and launch your merchandise.

From one dashboard, you can handle all Invanto apps that help you run your business, and finally replace the antiquated multi single-point solution option that exists now!

There are currently 3 apps in the Invanto collection with many more already in the works and planned down the road.

Now, however, Invanto needs your help to build the next app/tool for the Invanto eco-system. Help us push not only our company forward, but YOUR company, and that of the rest of the entrepreneurs!

Entrepreneurs need different tools at different stages. Single point programs only provide solutions to severe problems. Outgrow 1 problem, install a new app. And app after app after app, your net of technology grows more complex and susceptible to failure.

The remedy is simple: give entrepreneurs access to the various tools they need at different points of time, but do so with a single platform that won’t lead to disparate data sources.

The Invanto platform does just that. We are creating a bunch of helpful tools that entrepreneurs need and aggregating them in one dashboard, thus ensuring all company data will live in 1 location.

The result:

In other words: instead of trying to duct tape your way from small to medium sized business, turn to Invanto and just use our bridge to get you from startup to success.

We’ve already built 3 programs and integrated them into our single stage. They can work together, or they may be used individually — the system is modular to meet your requirements.

MemberFactory — A membership website platform to construct engaging membership area in minutes.
CoachRack — A course-building platform for instructors and other digital publishers, to build and sell online classes, and provide quizzes, certificates, etc. in shop style school similar to
RewardBurst — Platform to boost customer/member involvement on your membership websites or online schools through rewards.

Besides all these apps, we have also created an interactive support community via a private social networking community like Facebook. See, unlike other SaaS companies who provide customer care using a hidden ticket based system, we are transparent with our clients and continually seek out to their suggestions.

We will keep on creating apps which will further cater to the small business market, such as CRM, invoicing, project management, etc. on a prioritized basis.

Salesforce has completely taken over the enterprise marketplace, and created a $5-billion-a-year company, not by limiting their vision to a single attribute set, but by creating a legitimate solution for enterprises who know they can not run their businesses on a kludge of point-solutions.

Invanto is developing a similar integrated platform for internet entrepreneurs.

Online e-commerce and education is a trillion dollar industry. Nowadays, a new online class is launched every other second.

Invanto is your solution for this booming industry.

Unlike other single-point solutions, the Invanto platform can cater to multiple markets. Those who sell information in the kind of coaching, classes, and videos will find our platform most useful, however.

Whether you’re in real estate, health/beauty, relationship information, health, corporate law, education, arts, or any other industry and wish to share your knowledge and skills with others, Invanto has the resources for you — whether you would like to use the tools yourself, or wish to take our platform under your brand to your market.

And the best part? You don’t even need not be tech savvy! Invanto takes care of all of the technical aspects and lets you focus on what you know best: the content.

Meet Bob, Christina, and Adam for example:

Bob is 60 and only retired as the Head of Learning and Development for a major firm. He’s immense knowledge gained over the years in the field of live corporate trainings for supervisors and C-level employees. He now uses CoachRack and has created multiple classes covering different facets of corporate governance and ethics.

Christina is an at-home working mother of two babies. She has an advanced degree in human psychology and is particularly passionate about women’s health problems. With Invanto, she is able to run two websites where she trains women about how to maintain their health with the ideal nutrition and exercise tactics, and another website where she consults people with troubled relationships. Christina earns recurring income by frequently uploading new videos to keep her audiences interested, while still being able to stay at home and spend qualitytime with her children.

Adam runs a web agency and offers website development services to his client. Using Invanto’s Agency, he has rebranded the complete Invanto platform as”Sifu Platform” and sells it as a go-to tool to Martial Arts Schools. He created online schools using CoachRack, and assist these schools to bring their martial art training courses online. For using the stage, Adam charges one time setup and a yearly subscription fee from martial art school

Since launching our products, we have gained over 2,000 active monthly customers and shaped 50/50 revenue share partnerships with agencies reselling our platform to their customers.

The comments and testimonials from our customers have been incredible thus far. You can check out what people are saying about us in

Being the first all-in-one B2B and B2C platform on the market is a huge competitive advantage for us. While our current competition is single-point app alternatives, when we launch another 1-2 programs on the Invanto platform, there’ll be no direct competition whatsoever.

We have 37 apps planned! The following three are:

FreshLanders: Drag-n-drop landing page builder to construct sales funnels.
AgentRiver: Helpdesk program to provide customer care via ticket established, and live chat.
JVCity: Affiliate exchange network with instant payouts.

Next year, we plan to:

Will you be among them?

Deep Arora is the Founder and CEO of Invanto.

After gaining years of experience at corporations like Infosys and Bank of America, Deep had reached a point in his life where he wanted to make and deliver the best of products to his clients. Deep started helping his entrepreneur friends with their customers’ projects. Most of the projects involved creating a website that kept vacillating between programs like Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla for different individualized features these customers desired.

What further posed a problem for the customers was the integration between these softwares to create a centralized database system. The payments, users, and orders weren’t able to be managed from one dashboard without data being lost in the procedure.

Having a knack for creating something out-of-the-box, Deep began creating a software product named SiteManPro using a user centralization system. A new wave in the internet home-based business market emerged. This gave Deep enough assurance that what he was building as a product would fill a big market void.

Today, Invanto continues to grow with new apps and new team members being added all the time.

Now, however, Deep needs your help to build the next app/tool for the Invanto eco-system!

Invanto is currently raising $25,000 to help build, release, and start the FreshLanders program. We will need to improve our advertising and marketing budget to introduce Invanto to more entrepreneurs.

Help us reach this goal and get excellent rewards in return!

Your Reward Options

Get 12 months of free access to FreshLanders (when it’s ready).

Get 12 months of free access to FreshLanders (if it’s ready) + any additional app immediately (MemberFactory or CoachRack).

Receive 12 months of free access to FreshLanders (if it’s ready) + any two extra apps combo immediately (MemberFactory + RewardBurst OR CoachRack + RewardBurst).
Actual Value: $4,236 (93% discount!)

Receive 12 months of free access to FreshLanders (if it’s ready) + ALL existing apps instantly (MemberFactory + CoachRack + RewardBurst).
Actual Value: $5,184 (90% discount!)

Receive 36 months of free access to FreshLanders (when it is ready) + ALL existing apps & immediately (MemberFactory + CoachRack + RewardBurst).

Receive agency license that lets you run the platform under your brand name entirely white-labeled (on revenue sharing terms). We’ll provide support to your clients under your name.
Actual Value: $35,964 (92% reduction!)

Thanks for reading our Fundable profile! Please consider supporting usand in case you have any questions in any way, don’t hesitate to contact us directly!