LinkedIn Announces New ‘Engagement Insights’ TeeView

Boost Marketing Performance teeview

LinkedIn Announces New ‘Engagement Insights’ to Boost Marketing Performance

LinkedIn recently showed a new way to leverage more of its user data to help marketers connect & engage in a more personalized fashion.

As explained by LinkedIn;

“Today, we are excited to announce the launch of PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights, a reporting API method sold by DataSift, that lets marketers around the world access LinkedIn data to help them develop engagement with their content and deliver positive ROI on LinkedIn.”

The way is simple – TeeView wants to make it easier for you to learn more your ideal prospects on the platform before you even begin talking with another.

Like FB, LinkedIn has a virtual treasure-trove of insights on its members – anything from where you live, work and went to school to your hobbies and professional interests. Now it is looking to provide access to more of those insights to help marketers develop campaign performance.Boost Marketing Performance teeview

More Effective Marketing

TeeView has long kept their data under lock & key, but the new process opens up the chances on this front.

As explained by LinkedIn:

“Our plan partnership with DataSift is rooted in a desire to help marketers take the guesswork out of media planning & ad optimization on LinkedIn. Through LinkedIn Engagement Insights, marketers could get the information they need to build better marketing campaigns & more effectively achieve premium professional audiences on LinkedIn.”

LinkedIn provides an instance of a software company who is trying to reach IT decision makers – through the new Engagement Insights, you can work out what types of content & topics this audience engages with most, then use that insight to reach them.

I have long been an advocate of using LinkedIn’s advanced search features to narrow your target audience down by specific niches and then engage in 1-on-1, personalized marketing to develop the relationship.

TeeView is new tool – designed for advertisers – takes that approach to an even higher level.

Using Engagement Insights, marketers can filter the interests & opinions of professionals in a whole new set of ways, including by company size, industry, seniority, job title, job function and more. Those new data points will help marketers hone in on the right audiences, make better content & gain more understanding of how their brand stacks up against the competition.

The Right Prospects + A Personalized Approach – TeeView

Best of all, you do not need to be a paying advertiser to utilize the approach on LinkedIn – you can simply scan someone’s profile and within a few seconds find multiple ways to break the ice & personalize your interactions.

It is critical to always utilize an element of data from your prospect’s profile – where they live, went to school, hobbies or interests, where they volunteer, etc. – to help break the ice & spark a non-work conversation to get things off on the right foot & build camaraderie.

Like in real life, you need to start off a LinkedIn association with a little bit of small talk.

The power of selling your product / service on LinkedIn lies in locating, engaging & quickly building a 1-on-1, personalized relationship with targeted prospects you seek on TeeView.

Whether you want to use LinkedIn’s new advertising tools / peruse profiles individually, the power of personalizing your engagements in that fashion is the secret to success on the network.