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Revealed Currency Revealed that was dark is winning’the Brexit

As Tory MPs resign in protest Hardline Brexiters, documents show the”unfettered” access to ministers and senior politicians appreciated by secretive think tanks like the IEA which are”marching the nation” into a no-deal Brexit. Money Revealed

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No punches were pulled by the three Conservatives MPs. In

Money Revealed Review by Real User

The ERG is a organization. Nobody knows for Sure members it has. But when it comes to thoughts on Brexit, the group of Tory MPs of Jacob Rees-Mogg has looked out its ranks. And to one place in particular — Economic Affairs’ Institute, a right-wing think tank that doesn’t announce its funders, Shanker Singham, and the IEA’s trade advisor.

Last month, on the morning that Theresa May’s aides Sitting alongside the Brexit secretary in a table that was short was Shanker Singham.

Singham, until Brexit Spent most of his career in the united states, was in another Westminster press conference this month on stage. This time David Davis, another Brexit secretary, told journalists that Britain could do a deal with the EU cut at all tariffs to zero products on. The event has been held Singham consultancy that was political, by Competere.

Singham, their — and his companies — the IEA anonymous Influence that was remarkable has been gained by backers at a vital moment in British history.

Documents obtained in detail that was fresh The thickness of their professional and personal relations between the ERG and the IEA and government ministers. The IEA is a registered charity but despite censure in the charity regulator for its function the influence on the right the ERG of the think tank, is enormous.

Emails we have discovered reveal that Singham organized IEA staff and Brexit minister Steve Baker had access to cabinet ministers, for interest groups to meet with then.

To the IEA over Singham’s Brexit work,

The Charity Commission had issued an official warning for zero tariffs after Brexit. The Washington lobbyist was invited onto Sky News after the same to describe his commerce plans.

Singham’s calls to elimate all tariffs are endorsed By many in the ERG but most economists consider such a dramatic move would lead to widespread job losses, economic harm and a severe decrease in standards across.

Nevertheless, Singh has been a existence in British press in recent weeks dismissing concerns about a Brexit. And in addition to a continuous stream of broadcast media invites for a guy who won’t disclose his paymasters, Singham has appreciated”extraordinary” access to government ministers such as Michael Gove and Boris Johnson.

Between them

Support for a no-deal Brexit seems to be strengthening. It is not known who’s paying for the lobbyists or the adverts, nor if the exact people or companies are behind both.

Singham’s Brexit work hasn’t escaped the scrutiny of regulators. The Charity Commission’s formal warning in February said that the IEA’s choice to May’s white paper,’Plan A+: Creating a Prosperous Post-Brexit UK’ — that Singham co-wrote — violated charity law by calling for Brexit to be employed to deregulate fund, weaken rules on toxic chemicals and eliminate rules protecting workers employees. The charities watchdog is still exploring the IEA.

Transparency can easily be circumvented.

From its website but it’s still available on the site of a political consultancy owned by Singham.

Losing his location on Liam Fox’s committee does not seem to Have restricted the unrivaled accessibility that Singham — and others — have into the political procedure. Last summer, the IEA’s manager Mark Littlewood was filmed apparently boasting to an undercover journalist from Greenpeace’s investigative unit Unearthed he could avoid having to record Singham’s existence on official information by using his name rather than the trade adviser’s on government transparency registers.

Littlewood told Unearthed his outfit has been involved in

The IEA, which doesn’t disclose its funders, is rated “highly opaque” from the liability group Transparify. The think tank has received Money Revealed from tobacco and gambling companies, and for boosting privatization of the NHS.


Alongside Davis and raab was held to encourage the launch of’a Better Future and A Better offer’, a Brexit policy document written by minister Steve Baker with the aid of, amongst others, Shanker Singham. Within weeks’A Better Deal’ had had a significant effect over the party on the Brexit debate: it formed the foundation for its’Malthouse compromise’, drafted by Baker in an attempt to unite warring factions of the Tory party.

That Singham and Baker worked on Brexit was not new.

After Baker was appointed as Since Buzzfeed revealed last year A minister at the Department for Exiting the European Union (DExEU) at June 2017 he regularly had encounters with Singham that weren’t revealed in official government transparency documents. Also present was the former Legatum colleague Crawford Falconer, who works for Liam Fox’s department of global trade of Singham.

Now documents released to reveal that Singham Organized for lobby groups to fulfill with Baker.

The Automated Customs and International Trade Association Trade body chiefly focused on using computerized customs systems, wanted to speak following the Brexit vote to authorities. “He knows a great deal of people,” recalls ACITA director general Des Hiscock, talking to openDemocracy.

In January 2018, Singham emailed Baker stating”ACITA, the Association of Customs Professionals want to meet up with you… Can you let meInow when you can meet?” In a followup correspondence, SiSinghold the then Brexit minister that”we’re working with ACITA” and asking that he also attended the meeting.

Baker met with the ACITA alongside Officials from the Treasury and HMRC. SiSinghwho was present, wasn’t employed by the commerce grgroup, bute stated he had access to government ministers.
[SiSinghwas hoping to see David Davis to push on this concept of ours. There was a sign that he had been seen by Shanker and would have the ability to arrange a meeting for us. It wawas,you understand we could be seen by Steve Baker,”’ recalls Hiscock.

The Chequers of may plan. With Baker nothing concrete came for ACITA.

“[SiSinghput us connected with odd people promising

The Epicenter mystery

Singham’s accessibility to Tory ministers and other Politicians is indeed grgreat,t’s easy to forget he is not himself on the authorities or party citizenship. His home base is a community of tanks.

SiSinghoined the Legatum Institute EU referendum, but on 9 March 2018, after months of negative headlines about the think tank, including a collection of newspaper reports about its creator and main contributor Christopher Chandler’s connections to Russia, it was declared that SiSinghad been”poached” from the IEA, carrying a team of three analysts to prepare a new trade and competition unit.
Having an libertarian think tank known as the Bruno Leoni Institute. Baker’s meeting with the Leoni Institute was revealed as part of their government transparency information, but when openDemocracy asked for additional information regarding attendees, DExEU said that the ministry attended his”personal capacity”.

Quite a minister could have dinner with agents The Bruno Leoni Institute is a part of Epicenter, a group of think. The day after Baker had supper with the Bruno Leoni Institute, the think tank gave a talk in the IEA’s headquarters.

Epicenter has been accused of being opaque about the Origins of its financing. Following complaints by watchdog Corporate Europe Observatory, Epicenter announced it had been funded by the IEA. It provides to them, though, clearly, we do not know where the IEA understands the Cash Revealed.

Baker and politicians met from a Libertarian think tank based in Oklahoma including from farming interests eager to ensure regulations drop .

Steve Baker has re-emerged as a strong voice in the ERG — A group that he never left when he became a minister — and has been of’no deal’ in politics. He’s got links to more groups.

In the secretive, # 6,500 was received by Baker in December 2016 Constitutional Research Council (CRC) to finance what seemed to be a Christmas celebration for ERG staff and members. As openDemocracy revealed, the CRC fuFunneled435,000 to the DUP’s Brexit effort, and Richard Cook, its member, was involved in shipping waste. Cook is a member of the ERG WhatsApp group that is powerful.

Student group was clarified by baker (IEA digital director Darren Grimes, who had been found guilty of violating electoral law throughout the Brexit referendum, is allegedly also involved in Turning Point, which is a branch of the eponymous dark Money Revealed-funded US ororganization

Singham and baker were recorded at the Conservative Party conference in September talking on a panel about”how to make a prosperous and international Britain”, ororganizedy the IEA and another think tank financed by anonymous sources, the Taxpayers’ Alliance. Baker also attended the launch of the IEA’s’Strategy A+’ proposal to”provide the Brexit prize” through revolutionary free-trade deals and deep cuts to regulation with nations including the United States.

Think tanks, such as the IEA, have Millions from US donors that are anonymous. In October, SiSinghrote into the worldwide trade secretary stating that the UK”should benefit from the moment” to procure a free-trade agreement with the US that could include access to”agricultural markets”. Farmers have cautioned that UK food standards would be reduced by a trade deal with the US.

David Davis and’mistakes’ in records that are transparency

Senior Tory Eurosceptics have stated that there’s’nothing to fear’ from departing the EU. But none is more blithe in the prospect than Brexit secretary David Davis. This debate echoes the’Strategy A+’ record that Singham co-authored for the IEA.

As Brexit minister, Davis was near Singham also Possessing unminuted meetings. New documents released to show that Singham was encouraged by Davis into a round table but the ministry didn’t announce this meeting in government transparency documents.

A DExEU spokesperson confirmed that both Singham and Davis Attended the event, including:”David Davis’s name wasn’t included in the transparency report because of an error. Since that time, processes are tightened to make sure that data is properly disclosed.”
Failure to record the meeting in Davis’s in official documents”does nothing to get confidence in their probity. Whether these omissions are caused by conspiracy or accident, neither engender hope that government is working out in the open.

“In the same month that this participation was not published, the Minister had reminded departments of the responsibilities to disclose all meetings between lobbyists and ministers. Given the frequency with which this occurs, an individual could be forgiven for believing they’re more than just a mistake.”

Since Davis resigned on the prime as Brexit secretary The Chequers proposals of minister, Singham has stayed close to him. The IEA trade adviser accompanied Davis on a six-day visit to meet with US agribusiness interests. The excursion of davis was part-funded by US agribusiness lobbyists, eager to water the UK’s farming and food regulations down . It is not known who paid the prices of Singham.

In the same month, Singham appeared alongside Owen and Davis Paterson in the Heritage Foundation in Washington DC to talk’the chances for the trade relationship and Brexit’.

This side of the Atlantic.

Documents released to show that the Brexiters Presented Barnier with a replica of the paper of the ERG on the border, which included no text.

Following the assembly, Paterson wrote to EU chief Negotiator Sabine Weyand. Weyand responded saying that the European Commission didn’t think there was any alternative to the backstop. There’s absolutely not any record of any meeting between the ERG and Michel Barnier.

Communications introduced to indicate The relationship with the ERG caucus of that Singham is longstanding.

OpenDemocracy noticed and has mapped ERG room reservations A number overlapped with when SiSinghas in closeness of Parliament and meeting government ministers. We’ve asked Singham if he attended ERG meetings but have yet to be given a response.

The access to the highest levels of the British of the IEA Government isn’t restricted to Brexit ministers, or to Singham. Only days after Esther McVey was appointed for work and pensions the television presenter received a letter from Mark Littlewood. “We’re very pleased to be employed to bounce ideas off, to be put a problem to resolve or to advise on etit the IEA chief wrote.

McVey replied a couple of days later. The minister’s typed However, the letter was signed off with a personal tone.

True to her word, with the IEA, McVey met on 19 April 2018 To talk about”employment-related issues”. Thatcher’s governments were influenced by the think tank, whose thoughts, has called for cuts and been supportive of the Universal Credit scheme that was contentious.
Protest at the Brexit deal of Theresa May.

A few days after the withdrawal invoice defeat of May Meanwhile the campaign group, Leave Means Leave of Nigel Farage, has spent thousands of pounds on commercials for discussions featuring the pensions minister. Where this Cash Revealed comes from we don’t know.

McVey said of her relations with the IEA:”Any proposals Of’cozy relationships’ would be false and an incorrect description by you and openDemocracy.”

Who gains from a Brexit?

The right-wing of the UK think tank world is small.

These ororganizationsave played a role in

Many of those lobbying for a Brexit appear set to Gain from the UK leaving the EU. The Somerset Capital Management investment fund of ERG seat Jacob Rees-Mogg started a Dublin office to benefit from an EU base. Vote Leave donor Crispin Odey, who made a fortune shorting sterling is gambling on the pound diving before 29.

Tory MP Daniel Kawczynski has been paid # by American billionaire Tom Kaplan’s Electrum Group to provide advice. The purchase price of gold is expected to increase in case of a Brexit. Last year it was revealed that Steve Baker had invested in a company advising clients to buy gold to prevent a Brexit’s effect. Singham political consultancy provides advice on opportunities.

The IEA was founded to promote the ideas Friedrich Hayek. At the moment, one of its creators, Oliver SmSmedleyrote to another, Antony Fisher, stating it was”imperative that we should provide no indication in our literature that we’re working to educate the general public along certain lines which may be interpreted as having a political bias”.

Over the years, Tory policy has been impacted by the IEA. Especially, and brexit the prospect of no price, offers the opportunity: to remake Britain in accordance with its ideological and interests to the think tank and its backers.
“We know next to nothing about the corporate lobbying activity that is occurring around Brexit. In regards to Shanker Singham, not only is there little scrutiny of his connections with ministers, we’ve got no idea which ininterests,e is working for. Who’s financing his lobbying for ththe?hardest of BrBrits

The UK after spending over 20 years in the US working on trade 18, in 2016. Given the magnitude of the challenge before us as the UK leaves the EU, I’m pleased to have the ability to provide my experience in trade policy to the government and parliament.”

General and other IEA agents will gladly meet with any ministers, MPs, policymakers and stakeholders of all stripes and persuasions, wishing to hear our thoughts.”
Money Revealed

Chesterfield added that”due to the caliber of our Research we are frequently asked by policymakers of all sorts from all parties for our ideas and information on relevant subject areas… it would be extraordinary if we were to diminish these requests. Whether the policymakers in query taketo takeour thoughts is down to them.”

This article has been amended February 2019 to note that The Westminister press conference referred to was hosted By Shanker Singham, a consultancy run and owned by Competere.