Profit Forcer Review – “Copy & Paste” YOUR Way to DAILY Affiliate Commissions?

How Does Profit Forcer work?

Profit Forcer: Done For You Affiliate Website For NAME

Want to “copy & paste” your way… to daily commissions…

By automating ALL of your affiliate marketing.. In 1 click? Then you need to FORCE affiliate commissions into your account…

And YES, this works, even if You have no list, no web site and no time to run a profitable online business!

See, 2020 has been a profitable year for this guy “Chris”. Chris has made cash with over 300 different affiliate programs. And, as the year comes to an end, he wondered:

“Would it be possible to give everybody the ability to bank life-changing commissions. By simply copying & cloning what he’s doing…

BUT without having to invest the time and money that he invests daily?” Well, today I can finally say, it’s possible. In fact, it’s here!

Presenting: Profit Forcer.

This new, one-stop tool gives you an instant turnkey website…

Packed with affiliate programs, reviews & bonuses… for all of the most profitable affiliate promotions, built right into one web site. Your site.

That’s right… ALL of these done-for-you affiliate campaigns, each based on evergreen top converting offers, are preloaded right into Your site.

You get to keep 100% of the commissions…While doing 0% of the work. And that’s what makes this so unique…

It’s only because Chris is an elite marketer, that he has been able to pick a qualified affiliate programs.

It’s only because he’s been building software for Twelve years, that he’s able to create these Ten software giveaways.

It’s only because he’s a world-class copy writer, that he can hand you these done-for-you campaigns. It’s only because he invested thousands building this site, that he can just let you copy him…

And, quite frankly, it’s only because he’s feeling generous…That he’s giving you all of this on a silver platter – ALL preloaded into ONE web site. Your site.

This is so new, he’s had to come up with a new name for it…He calls this “forcing” profits…

But his generosity Can not LAST.

In fact the price is about to go up in the next hour (and again, every hour after that):

Now, you already know: these websites are VERY profitable.

You also know… they are done for you

And, they let you build your list and also social presence, whilst also making commissions!

But… have you seen how beautiful these websites look too?

With professionally written reviews, stunning graphics, and a call to action for all of these moneymaking affiliate programs.

All bundled into your very own authority review website, with all the bells & whistles…

Including 100% free hosting of your website on premium servers.

You can even add your auto responder code to build your list, while you monetize at the same time.

And yes… you can also promote all of your social media sites – letting you build your social presence on the side, too!

But you need to join NOW, before the price increases:

Profit Forcer Overview

What Is Profit Forcer?

This software gives you an instant turnkey authority review website, so you get to keep 100% of the commissions, while doing 0% of the work.

The affiliate site is packed with affiliate programs, reviews and also bonuses… for all of my MOST profitable affiliate promotions of 2020, built right into one web site – your site!

With professionally written reviews, stunning graphics, and a call to action for all of these moneymaking affiliate programs. Plus giveaway rights for $20k of software!

You can even add your auto responder code to build your list, while you monetize at the same time.

And yes… you can also promote all of your social media sites – letting you build your social presence on the side, too!

It’s the simplest way to become a super affiliate in 2021 – by leveraging all of the hard work I did, daily of 2020.

Monetized & preloaded with content, reviews, banners, and of course your affiliate links, promoting all my hottest affiliate marketing programs.

All bundled into your very own authority review website, with 100% free hosting of websites on our premium servers, and no domain needed.

Your website comes pre-designed to maximise conversions, but with lots of options to change the layout, add banners and also optin forms plus much more.

You will get Ten bonuses to give away, all software tools… which cost me over $20,000 to build… and which I have previously sold for as much as $39 each!

Your website is monetized with my top-converting affiliate programs, with proven copy written by a professional marketer.

These done-for-you campaigns are all preloaded into an instant fully-hosted website…

With Ten software tools with giveaway rights – for anybody who buys from your link.

And remember, every campaign includes a buy button with your affiliate ID automatically embedded.

So when somebody clicks to buy, YOU get 100% of the commissions, for all of these income streams.

How Does It Work?


STEP 1 – Activate
Enter your affiliate ID, so YOU keep 100% of the commissions

STEP 2 – Done For You
Select from one of the 100% done for you affiliate campaigns

STEP 3 – No Cost Traffic
Activate No-cost Traffic to send traffic to YOUR affiliate links

Profit ForcerIncludes Every thing You Need For Daily Affiliate Commissions

Click once to pick a proven niche… click again to select from my most profitable affiliate programs.. click again to replace my affiliate link with yours… then click “FORCE” to launch your instant turnkey website!

I have personally profited with every one of these evergreen affiliate campaigns, then preloaded them into the app, ready for you to profit.

I have spent over $20,000 building a huge suite of software tools so you do not have to. These are PRELOADED into the site as give-aways, so you will never worry about converting visitors into buyers ever again!

While it’s great to make commissions, it’s even better to build your list and also social following at the same time. That is why we are letting you connect your social accounts and auto responders to build a monster following from the free traffic!

You will be using other people’s time and content on your website… so you will never need to write a word or create a video (other people do all that for you!

Here is Everything You Get With Profit Forcer RIGHT NOW

  • Brand New Website-Building Software – Worth $697
  • 100% DFY Affiliate Campaigns Built-In – Worth $3,497
  • Instantly Add Your Affiliate Link – Worth $397
  • Hosting and Domain Name Included – Worth $1,297
  • Get Limitless Free Buyer Traffic – Worth $297
  • 100% DFY Content – Worth $597
  • 100% DFY Niches – Worth $397
  • Step-by-step Training – Worth $197
  • Build Your List At The Same Time – Priceless
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee – Priceless

Total Value Of All You Get Today: $7,376


We’ve always had front-end EPCs much higher than others.

Our issue has been our UPSELLS.

So now, we’ve created upsells modelled off the top-performing offers…

Frontend – Profit Forcer – $17-20 (hourly dimesale!)

The core software that lets people launch an instant DFY affiliate web site

Upsell 1 – Limitless Edition – $29

Upgrade to promote unlimited offers, to scale commissions even further

Upsell 2 – Auto-pilot Edition – $39

Activate 60x affiliate programs Each Day, and over 1,500 campaign instantly preloaded

Upsell 3 – DFY Edition – $197

Let my elite team site up a done-for-you site FOR YOU (all we need is your clickbank ID!)

Upsell 4 – Reseller Edition – $197

Earn 100% across the entire funnel selling this top-selling Warrior offer as if it was your own!

Upsell 5 – MegaBundle Edition – $97

Get access to an insane 37 software tools that cost me over $300k to build!

Here’s Some Faq’s

Will I Need Tech Skills Or Experience?
Not at all. We have taken great effort to make Profit Forcer quite simple to use. If you can get online and surf the internet … you are qualified.

Is There A Money-back Guarantee?
A. Yes, you have a full Thirty day money-back guarantee. There isn’t any risk when you join today. The only risk is you pay extra if you join in a few hours time.

What About Maintenance Costs?
There are zero daily costs involved!
With Profit Forcer, you do not need hosting, a domain or any paid ads.

This is as close to a PURE profit model as it gets, because there are no ongoing costs.

Will I Need A Budget For Traffic?
No! Profit Forcer includes 100% no cost traffic – while letting you build a list at the same time too!

How Do I Lock-In My Discount?
Click the Button for instant access BEFORE the timer hits Zero and the price automatically increases.

And Get VIP Bonus Now