Smartscene Review : 3-1 Scene Design and Graphics App

Smartscene [New Release] 3-1 Scene Design & Graphics App

It’s no secret that people have been hit hard by the current crisis.

It’s left many scrambling for a way to generate income while things return to a new normal.

If that’s you, then I would recommend that you pick up a new skill to make sure you are more in control of your income as you move forward in life.

And while there are tons of skills you could learn, there’s one that you can start using today to earn money asap.

What’s that one in demand skill? Graphic Design.

Now you are probably saying…”I do not have any design skills and it’ll take me months to learn to master a software like Photoshop.”

And you’d be right.

But there’s a simpler way. One that would enable you to become an incredible graphic designer and start your own design agency from scratch, and it’s coming the morning of Wednesday August 26th…

With Smartscene, you do not need to have years of design skills under your belt. Every thing you need to start creating amazing graphics is already included.

You just need to be able to point and click with your mouse, make a few edits, and you are good to go.

You can sell these graphics to customers, use them in your own marketing, or even use them to attract traffic in a number of ways.

As I said earlier, everything has changed and if you want to have more control over your income, then you need to have a skill that people will gladly pay you for.

Smartscene helps you become a great designer right out of the gate without any prior design skills.

There are 3 design apps in one simple to use dashboard & thousands of templates to get you up and running quickly.

It opens to the public on August 26th at 11 A.M. EDT!

You do not want to miss Early Bird access to the release of this cutting-edge graphic design app!:

Smartscene Overview

What Is Smartscene?

Smartscene is a 3 in 1 apps suite for creating really stunning scene designs. Users can access Three different Smartscene apps from a single dash board that create Three kinds of scenes.

Smartscene offers every thing a graphics designer could want under one roof – and make it super easy to manipulate, edit, and make stunning scenes to be used in virtually every design project imaginable…

Scenes created with these apps can be used on websites, explainer videos, social media, graphics ads, video ads, product covers, doodle videos, in digital products, cloud & desktop apps, Kindle covers, T-shirts, for distinctive branding purposes, etc

Each of the 3 Smartscene apps contains 100s of templates that users can already select from & customise to create a unique scene design that perfectly matches their projects.

In total, there are currently over 1,200 ready-made Smartscene templates available at the FE level. That’s a whopping pool of stunning scene template selections for a ridiculously cheap discounted one-time payment.

The new SCENE DESIGN revolution:

The Problem

Illustrator Scene designs including Isometrics, flat illustrations and other hand-drawn scenes are in vogue right now… they’re the next best thing everybody want on their web sites, sales pages, videos, etc.

The problem is, you need to find expert designers who know their way around illustrations to create these sort of designs. And they do not come cheap. A designer we found on Dribbble quoted $5,000 minimum budget before we can get any audience. And another designer said we had to wait for two months before they’d be free to take on our project.

So when you want some high quality slick illustrations, flat designs, hand-drawn scene designs & sketch scenes, and you want them now, the solution is next to none in our industry – untill Smartscene!

Is Smartscene really the game-changer?

Smartscene provides 3 different scene design apps in one dash board that anyone can use to create unique high quality slick flat illustration scene designs, sketch scene designs and then the normal realistic photo scene designs.

With over 1,200 different scene templates you can fire up Smartscene, go to the Smartscene app for the kind of scene you want to create, browse through the templates to select one that matches your use, customise it, adjust colours & download.

You can pretty much do these in less than One minute.

So when it comes to a fast reliable high quality solution to creating stunning flat scene designs, sketch scene designs and even spiced photo scene designs, Smartscene is a game-changer.

Smartscene Funnel

#FE: $27 – $47 Smartscene Commercial

  • Three scene design apps in one dash board
  • Create flat illustration scene designs
  • Create sketch scene designs
  • Create photo scene designs
  • Down load designs in png, svg, jpeg, and gif file formats
  • 1000+ done-for-you easy-to-customize scene design templates
  • 12,000+ built-in custom customizable sketch & illustration graphics elements & shapes
  • Over 8 million free HD photos via integrations
  • Over Two million curated icons via integrations
  • 100’s of emoji graphics and social characters
  • Youzign & DesignoPro2 integration
  • Retrieve Youzign & DesignoPro2 designs inside Smartscene and use them in your scenes
  • Upload own svg files and further customize them in the app
  • Upload own images and use in scene designs
  • Import images from the web by just entering the image url
  • import images from the web by just entering the image url
  • Smart Resize feature automatically applies preset canvas sizes for over 40 platforms and design purposes
  • Including all the popular social media platforms, designs for videos, popular banner sizes, coupon, blog headers, e-mail headers, Kindle cover, infographics, T-shirts, and much more
  • Stay organized & arrange your designs in folders, create, edit, delete, and manage unlimited folders
  • Instant dash board design preview
  • Save time selecting a matching template
  • Instant download from dash board
  • No need to load up your work before re-downloading
  • Fast alphabet-based design & template search
  • Easily find designs & templates with choice words in them; smooth, fast, drag & drop user-friendly interface
  • No prior design experience or technical skill needed
  • Cloud platform, nothing to install
  • Use on any device from any place in the world
  • Designs are safely stored in the cloud
  • Download anytime or continue editing later
  • Unlimited access to templates
  • Create unlimited designs
  • Unlimited design storage
  • Save as many designs as you can create in our cloud servers
  • Full step-by-step video training
  • Commercial license included
  • Create and sell scene designs for profit

One-time payment of $67
Smartscene Club + Smartscene Premium Assets + Smartscene DFY Tribe

Club: 200 Smartscene templates and assets created & delivered each month
DFY Tribe: Done-for-you scene designs – take a screenshot of any scene & send it to us and we’ll custom create all assets, design the scene and load into your Smartscene account as part of your month to month Club templates.

Premium Assets: Extra 1,000 premium Smartscene assets, including backgrounds, shapes, elements and more, delivered immediately after sign-up.

#OTO1: One-time payment of $47

Downsell – Smartscene Club + DFY Tribe

Everything Above MINUS 1,000 Smartscene Premium Assets.

#OTO2: One-time payment of $67

Smartscene Toolkit

  • Smartscene agency website template
  • Full training video on how to customize and use the website template
  • Full training video on how to create your unique scene design portfolio
  • Fiverr business kit
  • Full branding kit
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Multipurpose scene design sales video
  • Professionally designed lead magnet
  • Business card
  • Ads kit
  • Social media campaign kit
  • Promotional email series
  • Step-by-step client outreach strategy
  • Pricing strategy and guide

One-time payment of $47
Downsell – Smartscene Toolkit

Everything above MINUS Professionally Designed Lead Magnet & Email Series.

#OTO3: Smartscene Agency License (sub/team accounts)

5 agency licenses
One-time payment of $67

10 agency licenses
One-time payment of $97

20 agency licenses
One-time payment of $167

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