Sociible Review – Discount & Bonus

I Am doing a review of Sociible, today.

But for this review I decided to do things and interview one of the product vendors Mike Thomas. Honestly Mike has interviewed several times to me about my own products and it was nice to be able to be on the opposite side of a meeting for a change.

Ok so just what is Sociible?

We all know that in order to get rankings you need to have links. This is one of the causes that Google uses to rank a website’s importance. Google assumes that sites with links are more likely to be great sites since people have taken the opportunity to link together. This is logical when you think about it.Sociible Review

The problem with this is that today content is added to and it takes time to get back links that are natural to that content. Due to this there is a very standard search engine optimization clinic to construct their own links that are back to their URLs themselves. This is why people do bookmarking, guest blogging, forum and a ton of other things to build links to your site. Simply place you need them.

The thing with building back links to your website yourself though is that its a whole lot of work and lets face it no one likes to do a ton of work. I don’t spend much time whatsoever building links to my site or to my videos even though I know I should. I don’t do it because time consuming, its boring, and honestly just a pain.

Sociible is designed to to do all of the back linking for you. I say that software is a tool and a fantastic tool is one that makes something you would normally do yourself (or should be doing) more easy. So I received my review copy and moved to trying it out.

The very first thing which Sociible is intended to do is create accounts for you. Normally to be able to post a link to them you will have to make an account with an email address and confirm a link in an email that you get sent after you enroll. Sociible can do this automatically for you.

First I needed an account. For my testing I made a HotMail email account and followed Mikes tutorial. I also followed his additional instructions that made sure all of the emails I was sent ended up in my inbox. This is to make certain that the confirmation emails dont get sent to spam. Preparing a HotMail account took approximately 3 minutes and was quite painless.

Is a way to solve captchas. These are those little text boxes. So you want a different way to solve 14, this software cant fix them. Luckily it does integrate with captcha.

Now I would like to be clear that these services aren’t free. They are so low cost that they may be free. The one I chose to use was called ImageTyperz and cost $1.65 per 1000 captcha’s solves. This is basically nothing as I said. After I had my email and captcha service set up I was ready to get going.

I had been testing the very basic version with any updates that comes preloaded with 50 sites which you can post back links to. There’s a better version that has 100 preloaded sites. In addition to a OTO that allows you access several hundred more sites into the system. But I wanted to experiment with the elementary version.

Following the directions I created my link along with my article in the software. You can manually enter your post content for the link it makes into the publication marking sites or you may just enter some keywords and Sociible will pull some relevant text content for the link. I decided to go the easy way and simply click the button to have it pull in articles automatically.

Once I had my articles I entered the URL of a YouTube video I wanted to build back links to and pressed on the one click, do it for me . Now I will admit I was a bit concerned about something Mike said in the interview. Due to this I was really keen to see how lots of the sites this would actually have the ability to sign me up for.

The first thing that this software needed to do was go to every one the book mark sites. As I said I set this to perform 50 back links so it needed to sign me up for 50 book marking sites.

The email verification naturally took longer since the software had to wait for the emails to arrive. Of the 50 websites I wanted to post to it managed to signup and affirm 46 of them. This is a 92% success rate. I was delighted with that.

The next thing it had to do was post all of my text and back links to each of those book mark websites. Of the 46 sites that it was able to signup for it was able to post links to 37 of these.

This implies that it was able to successfully post to 81 percent of the websites I had signed up for and 74 percent of the original 50 websites I wanted links to. Basically, over all, it was powerful 2/3rds of the time. Not super at all. Especially once you consider that I didnt need to do anything myself.

I was sitting here just watching it work since I was time everything for the inspection but I might have left the computer or done something else when I liked.

1 thing which I will point out however is that the over all process took about 5 minutes for just the 50 sites. What this means is that if you are going to post to more sites, hundreds for instance, it may take quite a while to complete. Also I noticed that it required a good but of my CPU usage to while it was working. Because this is CPU intensive and could take a while it might be best to set this up at night before going to bed and let it do all the back linking while you are asleep. When you think about it that is not a bad deal. Have your own’robot’ software post back links for you. Hey you have a computer while your sleeping and your still getting internet service though your one is currently using it. Why not put that’dead time’ to function?

Ok so what about the software itself? Its designed and coded. I tried to split it but I managed to. There where no errors or problems that I could see. One thing is that it has. However for most people, probably about 90% of these, these options aren’t going to be needed. Individuals are only going to be clicking the do it for me’one click article’ button like I did.

There are numerous ways if you want to know what the options are though, if you have a problem with the software or need support. This has’tips’ if the software loads that show. It has a users manual you can read. It has a start video you can watch. It has a forum you can visit. It has a way. All of this is built into the software. So yea I will say they have the support thing.

Additionally, it has a button which you can click that will automatically check for any update to the program. It will download and install the update for you if one is available. This is a nice feature that I was really pleased to see they included.

I normally do not review the OTO’s but in this case I know what it is and that I questioned Mike about it so I want to mention my thoughts. Based on the variant of Sociible which you buy it will include either 50 or 100 book marking websites preloaded into it. The OTO is a fee service that constantly crawls the net and adds new sites to your software that you could post links to.

Because they have a server running 24 hours a day it ought to be a monthly fee so I can understand that. Well honestly I dont understand. I dont know so I dont know how many websites its going to bring every month because I’ve not had this software for several months. What I do know is that there are an additional 900 or so sites in the system. I know that if you chose to opt out and cancel obligations that are furute you dont the sites your and your software have had added together. Due to this I think that the OTO is well worth buying for at least 1 month. Get it for the month to get the 900 book marking sites that their crawler has found. Then after that you can decide if it is worth paying for future weeks.

Ok so what do I think over all of Sociible?

First I want to be clear this isn’t a button. Its a tool. But it’s a tool which does a really tedious and time consuming task if we want to rank, that we really should be doing. I understand that 100% is impossible, while it isn’t perfect in that it does not have a 100% success rate as a developer. I honestly thought its success rate would be around 50% but in my tests it was.

Have heard me say that the products are. The ones that will make your life easier. This is one of the instruments and it is well worth considering.