Speedlir Let Me Show you What it’s

Speedlir Let Me Show you What it’s

Speedlir is the first-to-market revolutionary SPR “static” conversion technology dramatically speeds up and secures both the existing wp sites and the cloud affiliate pages with just a few clicks of the mouse button.

Did you know that with slow sites you can lose over a half of the number of buyers? Or that you can boost your sales 2.5 times just by making your page load 2.4 second faster? Today’s internet users are the most impatient ever. That is why Google said that 53% of people leave a page which takes a little longer than 3 seconds to load. This means that with slow pages you can lose 53% of cash, no matter if you sell your own products or get commissions from sales as an affiliate.

You can lose 53% of leads as well. This means that, according to google, with fast pages you can more than double yours leads, sales and also commissions. In another case study, Cloudflare, the web performance company, reported that by speeding page load time from 5.7 seconds to 3.3 seconds the sales conversion increased about 250%. This means that by increasing the page by just 2.4 seconds with all other factors being unchanged, the web site in case study produced 2.5 times more sales.

It’s mind blowing if you think about how much cash you could be losing just by having a 2.4 seconds slower site. If that wasn’t enough of a reason to accelerate your pages, you should remember that the three of the top four SEO UX signals are page-speed-dependent, so google can dramatically lower the ranking of your page when it’s slow. What if you could get rid of all wp security problems with a few clicks? This is just what a new first-to-market revolutionary app Speedlir can do for you.

All It Takes are Two Simple Steps. It Doesn’t Get Any Easier Than That

Step # 1: Paste link to your webpage
Step # 2: Click a button.

That’s it, those two steps will command Speedir to fire up SPR “static” conversion tech, and in no time you’ll have lightning fast Speelir hosted clones of your website.

If you are selling to local businesses, it can help you to set yourself apart with such a unique service, and to establish yourself as a go to person for all their site needs even outside of dynamic to static site conversion. A Speelir commercial might be just a foot-in-the-door tool, that you need for businesses to select you instead of your competition. The best part is that with a web pages conversion business you have a freedom to work from home or from wherever you want. Get It Now.