The Best Performing Brands on Twitter Last Week 1/3/2017

Graphitii The Best Performing Brands on Twitter-compressed

The Best Performing Brands on Twitter Last Week 1/3/2017

For the week of January 23 – January 29, in 2017, Sports related content seem to rule the Twitter sphere. Powered by Graphitii data, the top brand on Twitter for every respective industry is shown in the ranking below.

Bleacher Report (Publishing) was #1 with 1.6 million+ actions on 325 Tweets; that is an average of 5,000 actions per tweet. SportsCenter (TV Shows) was not far behind at #2 with 1.1 million+ actions.

A few notable highlights: Coming in #3, NFL (Sports and Recreation) dominated with over 685K+ actions. Mercedes-Benz (Automotive) had the top spot with 28K+ actions.  FedEx (Business Services) had 76K+ actions on only 11 posts. Of note, Whataburger (Consumer Goods) though No. 7 in the overall ranking, had over 37K+ actions with only 9 posts.

Seems that as we lead up to the Super Bowl sports-related content is winning.

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