The Conversion Point Review – Email and Conversion Mastery Training

The Conversion Point: Email is DEAD.

You see these wannabes to “gurus” claiming this. They will say that it’s all about social media.

Or paid traffic.
Or something else.

But you know what? They usually try to get you on their optin list. Or they will tell you this through an e-mail.

Wee bit ironic ain’t it?
Look, the fact of the matter is that good e-mail marketing can lead to more sales. And it will help you easily communicate with a buncha people at once.

Trust me…
Just relying on this “Comment below and also I will follow up with you” stuff you see on social media ain’t gonna cut it.

That stuff works, but I promise you that people will be wasting a lot of your time if you aren’t adding peeps to an email list.

Adam here knows his stuff and I think you will see that this is the real deal, not some loophole or gimmick.

The Conversion Point Overview

What Is The Conversion Point?

The Conversion Point is a full in depth course that teaches people the way to turn a list into an audience. Everyone can build a list, but few people truly have an audience and when you do you can make cash each time you mail.

You know what’s more frustrating than trying to figure out why your subscribers will not take action? Allow me to share with you: How do you get them to open the e-mail? What drives them to click your links? How do you build trust with them? How do you avoid losing their interest so your income does not fall? And most important How to get them to CONVERT. These worries are constantly in the back of your mind. I know, because they used to be in mine too. This gets subscribers to not only act on your offer and also stuff cash in your bank account but it also makes them more loyal!

Here Are The 3 EXACT Keys To Monster Profits: The Right E-mail, To The Right Person, At The Right Time. Seriously, STOP and think about that for a second. It’s profound, right? Imagine To Be Able To Send E-mails That Are 100% RELEVANT To Every Subscriber On Your Optin List. I am going to show you exactly how to make more sales, and you will learn how to quickly squeeze massive profits out of tiny lists. You will gain more customers and also fans with every week that passes. You will also discover how to send e-mails so captivating (and persuasive) your prospects will contact you if they miss one, begging you to resend it.

Plus, you will discover advanced techniques that’ll wrench cash from your prospects. This will help propel you on affiliate leader-boards… even if your list is a fraction the size of your competition. In short: I will show you precisely how to create e-mails that “sell” better than anything else I know. Introducing The Conversion Point.

Building an email list isn’t a small undertaking. It takes a lot of time and money to collect these subscribers. So when your list is not doing what you want them to do (i.e. opening e-mails, clicking through to links, taking advantage of offers, staying loyal etc.). It’s extremely frustrating. And after putting in all that effort, would not it be nice to enjoy some sense of security?

Peace of mind, knowing that you have got a loyal list of clients that you can profit from long-term? In just a few moments. You will See How To Transform A ‘Tiny’ Opt-in List Into Die Hard Fans Ready To Buy From You, Over And Over Again. With The Conversion Point, you’ll able to make a impossible equation a reality.

The Conversion Point Reloaded Sales Funnel

Front-end: $37

This is a full in depth course that teaches people how to turn a list into an audience.

Everyone can build a list, but few people truly have an audience and when you do you can make money each time you mail.

An audience isn’t just an email list either, so I share other ways to build and nuture plus my affiliate triad, tetrad & pentad system.

We cover inboxing, segmentation along with other techniques that will help any level in any niche.

Upgrade 1: $47

This is a full in depth course that teaches people how to build a list in the first place using different traffic strategies.

The traffic upgrade puts an emphasis on quality over quantity.

These methods make you the hunted and people join your lists already segmenting themself and you know exactly the topics each person who opts-in is interested in making recommending products simple.

You know what will convert with them because of this.

Full roadmap & training.

Both Paid and free traffic techniques are taught from YouTube to Quora to Facebook.

Upgrade 2: $67

Here you will get professionally written e-mail series to get them started or to help if they have writer’s block.

What’s included:

+ A 7 part nurture series to start to build relationships and grow an audience as opposed to a generic list.

+ A re-engagement series to bring back a dead list and to find out what emails need to be cleaned.

+ Done for you, copy and paste abandoned cart e-mail templates. Perfect for E-com or people who sell their own products.

Still on the fence? I have put together some FAQ’s to help you make the right decision today..

Do you have a Refund Policy?
NO. There aren’t any refunds because what I’m sharing with you has been proven and also time-tested that the results will speak for themselves and that is only for my best customers & friends…

What is this all about?
This is about doing e-mail marketing the RIGHT way to jam money in your pocket with massive conversions all from tiny email lists and also it’s presented in a Video course format with some printed material as well…

How much money can I make with this?
That depends if you actually go through the course and also apply what I laid out for you (it’s quick and simple to do).

Do you have proof that this works?
Of course… I practice everything that I preach, I’m right there with you in the trenches and also sharing all my insights to save you any bumps or bruises along the way. I open up my accounts too.

Are there any upgrades?
Yes, there are 2 and that’s it. No down sells or funnels that you can get lost in. Upgrade one is a traffic course to show you how I get my subscribers and build my list. Upgrade 2 is a set of e-mail marketing templates written by a pro copywriter for you to use right out of the gate with minor editing.

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