VideoPal Review

VideoPal Review

Welcome to the MMOZ! Today we’re very excited to bring you news of the VideoPal release! I know many of you guys have been eagerly awaiting this tool and I can assure you that it’s not going to disappoint.

VideoPal software is the very latest in web-site text to speech and “talking head” technology with both animated & human video hosts. The software enables you to place both 2d & 3d characters right on top of your web-site. In fact you can add talking characters to ANY website, even if you do not own it! VideoPal comes equipped with the BEST & latest text to speech technology available. Not only can this software produce realistic sounding voices, but it also can do so in 24 different languages!VideoPal Review

About the author of VideoPal

Todd Gross is the author of this VideoPal. I think that all of you knew clearly about him because of his reputation. Why? Todd Gross is the one who created many tools for marketing in the past. And this VideoPal is the next launch in his series of products.

I can say that all of his tools are great because of their functions which all the customers confirmed.

He hoped that this VideoPal will make the big wave in the internet marketing field. He invested much time as well as his own experiences to carefully create this VideoPal. This is the reason why this is well-known even it has been released yet.

What are outstanding features of this VideoPal?

100% compatible with mobile phone or smart devices. This Vide Pal is completely compatible with your own mobile devices. It means that you can control all of your work just with your mobile phone. You even do not have to go to offices or working places to do as normal.

There are more than 47 voices (both males & females) in its own engine. This can be transfer into more than 24 different languages for promoting widely. Almost of people in all over the world can approach your own posts easily and they’ll certainly follow your instructions.

You can add CTA, optin-form, countdown timers or codes and text to improve your own sales, conversion & leads as possible.

Customers can upload their own videos to anyplace they want to convert fully into the mobile compatible video clips in seconds. It’s so convenient and the clients also get tons of benefits from it.