We launched a variant of EasyWebinar

3 Launch Conclusions that pushed us passed $1.2 million in 10 Weeks…my Successes and Mistakes

Here’s a story of launching a product.

We launched a variant of EasyWebinar.

This launch was my/our first launch. We did a launch 12 months, but it was on a bigger scale. The launch helped to generate months
about 1.2 million in sales in 10 months.

We grossed more last year than all in the first month of that year.

Here’s the thing…I did not know WHAT was going to happen.

Whenever you do a launch, you create expectations and hope to hit certain numbers.

But to be honest, you can’t know what is going to happen.

I decided that I’d do both the traditional type of launching which consisted in addition to do 2 stream webinar events during the
launch week.Webinar Master Review and bonus

Did that happen?

Well sort of. What you learn is that you tweak as you go.

You change and test if something isn’t working. I determined that two live events weren’t enough, after we opened up the cart
following the period. After the event we did double what we did on our first day, although I saw sales come in prior to the first
occasion. That led me. I had the idea to do it but was not convinced I went to use it. But after the first event my conclusions
were becoming evident…my launch system was so far seeming to function better than the launching blueprint alone…

Therefore this is what I did:

(The launch window was 7 days)
Then we did a re-broadcast of that same event that evening along with the next day streamed 2 times the following day.
Then we set a brand new event up to flow out Me full Q and A.
This afternoon we did quadruple anything we’d done for this day yet in earnings…on this event.
And then repeated what I did for the 1st occasion by broadcasting the 2nd event as a re-broadcast the next day 3 times that day.
(the sales were Just like the previous day which was still good)
Then the last day of the launch, I decided I would do a 4 hour stream event! This one I decided to do pretty much the same in the
night before as a and the q. I would illustrate how to build an EasyWebinar funnel but answer all sorts of questions. Hundreds!
(This last day we made more than 6 figures alone)…By the end of the day I had huge crazy hair and was utterly exhausted…but
felt great since I had answered a slew of questions people were having and when you answer questions, you create sales. (it’s that

All during those events, we invited all of our partners to promote the webinar events (Our partners were happy because the
conversions on the events far exceeded the conversions from directly to sales page). Yes it totally rocks that I could have
partners send their visitors and they get paid for it! Great for the spouses and great.

What were the stats?

Well we had approximately 6200 leads come through the videos

While just about 2000 come through the webinar.

However, based on these stats

Of those who came to the pre-launch campaign 22% of them bought.

Of those who came to the webinar funnel 35% of them purchased.


The webinar was responsible for closing a gap that is wider% Despite the fact that the pre-launch had more leads generated.

Yes there was some overlap between the two (meaning that some buyers

And based on this data in addition to the data I was received while the launching was occurring…
I concluded the training funnel (live events and re-broadcasts) has a higher final effectiveness of 13%.

I also noticed that the more likely they were to become a client was consumed by the one that was more content. After hearing
about the launching of Michael Hyatt from Stu McLaren at tallying that info, I worked. I checked my stats and it was proven to be

Tweet this: The more one individual consumes. Ie, video coaching, pdf’s, webinar replays and live events…the more likely they
are to turn into buyers!

That’s why I believe that the combination of my and the traditional launching system’Event Launch Blueprint Funnel’ works great.

Now to plays devil advocate…I started to think:

“Casey, what if you had spent 25k on media production and just used webinars as the lead generation supply? Could you’ve saved
yourself 25k dollars in video production?”

Once I requested that, I went to look at the media stats (how many plays I had for each video overall and funny enough

I had plays to sales ratio on the media course than I did on the webinars.

Therefore another conclusion has been drawn.

I probably could have run the launching of my merchandise through a series of. (without the pre-launch videos) But, I think the
notion of the pre-launch period is brilliant and powerful therefore, if you are thinking of just using events/webinars for your
launch, consider using them in a free series in advance about a week before you start the cart onto your product.

This way you keep your production costs low but close rate and your value super high!

In fact, we are planning on doing this exact same thing within another launch of EasyWebinar (along with other products too ).

Thanks for your time studying!

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